Melaynee Bodden

Paralegal | Corporate Services/Labour and Immigration

Melaynee Bodden is a Paralegal with over eight years of experience in offshore corporate services and transactions. She functions in two primary capacities for Broadhurst LLC – as a corporate services administrator and the principal liaison with the Department of Immigration in the Cayman Islands. Melaynee coordinates the administration of a large portfolio of companies and regularly assists the firm’s attorneys with matters concerning shareholders, directors, on-going corporate actions and procedures for the liquidation and winding up of companies. She also has extensive experience in the area of immigration services, providing the firm’s clients with assistance obtaining Residency and Employment Rights Certificates, qualification as Persons of Independent Means, obtaining General Work and Business Visitors Permits, as well as facilitating applications for Naturalization and Passports.

  • ILEX Level 2 Certificate Legal Secretaries, University College of the Cayman Islands (2001).
  • ILEX Level 2 Paralegal Vocational Studies, The Institute of Legal Training, Cayman Islands, (2005).
  • Completed the Fraudulent Document Detection Seminar, US Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service.
  • Completed various courses related to comparative legislation and regulations respecting anti-money laundering in the Cayman Islands and abroad.

Melaynee is honoured to serve as a Member of the Labour Tribunal of the Cayman Islands. Melaynee is a Notary Public in the Cayman Islands and provides authentication services including apostilles and certifications.