Yvonne Mullen

Attorney | Litigation

Yvonne Mullen’s practice encompasses general civil litigation, with a specialist interest in personal injuries cases and matrimonial law. In the course of her career she has represented plaintiffs with life altering and catastrophic injuries. She has also acted for clients in a number of divorce cases involving significant assets, as well as for parents of children with respect to parental responsibility, residence and contact orders.

Prior to joining Broadhurst in 2015, Yvonne worked for twelve years as a barrister in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.


  • S v S (2016), Divorce, division of matrimonial property. Issues of contact and residence of children, and maintenance.
  • S v S (2016), Divorce, division of martial property, including a business and involving issues regarding the provision of assets for the welfare of the children. 
  • In Re: BB (2016), Application for guardianship of an elderly relative and appointment of receiver over assets. 
  • PB v VB (2014/2015), Divorce, involving €3 million in assets and issues of proper provision. 
  • DOM v EOM (2012), Divorce, involving significant assets and freezing orders under applicable law. SMcC v PMcC (2011/12) Judicial Separation, where the primary issue was whether the Respondent had hidden assets. 
  • DD v NR (2013) Annulment on the basis of non-consummation of the marriage. 
  • In the Estate of Emil Berkley White (deceased) (2017), Application to remove an administratrix from an estate.
  • Re: Margaret Frederiks, deceased (2016), Inquest of a death in a diving accident.
  • Caribbean Utility Company v WestTel Ltd t/a Logic (2015), Interim injunction in the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands. 
  • Grant Thornton v TeleCayman Ltd (2015), Summary judgment in the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands. 
  • Criminal Assets Bureau v Ellen Wall (2010-2015), concerning freezing and confiscation orders under applicable law; appointment and powers of a receiver; contempt of court. 
  • Criminal Assets Bureau v Darren McInerney (2012-2014), freezing and confiscation orders under applicable law; powers of the sheriff in the seizure of bank accounts. 
  • Banks v Parsons (2015), Personal Injuries matter, with legal issues relating to causation of the plaintiff’s injuries. 
  • Dowling v O'Carroll & Ors (2014), Negligence, nuisance and Rylands v Fletcher case in respect of a flooding incident.
  • Byrne v Dublin City Council (2014), Personal injuries matter, with legal issues regarding misfeasance and non-feasance of local authority. 
  • In Re: WN (2014) (Redress Board), Sexual and physical abuse while in the care of the state.
Education, Professional Achievements and Community Activities

Yvonne holds a Bachelor of Laws degree (University College, Dublin, 2000) and a Barrister-at- Law Degree (The Honourable Society of Kings Inns, 2002). She was called to the Bar of Ireland in 2002 and to the Bar of Northern Ireland in 2010. In 2015, Yvonne was admitted as an Attorney-at- Law in the Cayman Islands. 

Yvonne was twice elected to the Bar Council of Ireland and served of the Chair of Professional Services and Honorary Secretary of that body. She has a keen interest in legal history and was Treasurer of the Irish Legal History Society. She previously published “Abuse of Process” (November 2011) and “Unconstitutional Omissions” (April 2012) in The Bar Review of The Bar of Ireland.