Broadhurst LLC Packing in the Punches

23 August, 2018

Broadhurst LLC, a boutique law firm, renowned for punching above its weight, has decided to take this skill into the sport of boxing. 

Striving to increase fitness levels Broadhurst staff have thrown their hat into the ring with the Cayman Islands Boxing Association, a non-profit organization governing the sport of amateur boxing in the Cayman Islands and providing training programmes for schools, youths and adults in addition to its work with the Cayman Islands national boxing team. 

The eight week boxfit programme involves boxing training and techniques plus strength and conditioning work. Participant’s fitness progress is being monitored by regular testing as staff members compete against themselves and each other, to reach their fitness goals. The health benefits of such a box-clever approach are clear but it also improves team-work, motivation and allows Broadhurst to give back to the community. For example, the initiative is allowing national team athlete Blayze Wood to hone his skills as a coach and to fund his coaching qualifications. Hopefully the challenges of training us won’t leave him on the ropes. Stay tuned for progress!

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