Broadhurst Successful in Probate Litigation

15 January, 2018



Broadhurst LLC is pleased to announce that it has successfully represented a beneficiary of a multi-million dollar estate, securing from the Grand Court an order removing the Administrator of the estate pursuant to s. 8 of the Sucession Law (2006 Revision). The case was heard before Hall AJ, with Yvonne Mullen and Kate McClymont successfully arguing that the Administrator had been responsible for neglect and misconduct regarding the management of the estate, which required her to be removed from her position.

Questions around administration of estates and probate can often be complex. It is advisible to seek the assistance of a legal professional who can give advice and support. Broadhurst LLC has a wide range of experience in trusts and estates and we would be delighted to assist you through the process.

*This publication and the material on this website was prepared for general information purposes only to provide an overview of the subject matter. It is not a substitute for legal advice nor is it legal opinion and should not be taken as such. It deals in broad terms only and is subject to change without notice. If you require legal advice, please contact us and arrange a consultation.


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