Happy International Women's Day From Broadhurst LLC

8 March, 2018


That “women hold up half the sky” is an undeniable truth. Strength and endurance in the face of opposition has been the hallmark of women for millennia. While modern history brings to mind pioneers like Pankhurst, Earhart and Stopes; women through the ages have battled for respect and equality in their roles whether in private, public or work life.

Chances are that you know women in your lives who are worth celebrating. At Broadhurst, we certainly do. Our litigation team holds a wealth of female talent; tried and trusted litigators with strong academic credentials and worldwide experience. Have a look for yourself!

Kate McClymont

Yvonne Mullen

Sally Bowler

Leyla Jackson


Happy International Women’s Day from all of the women at Broadhurst LLC. 

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